Kuba Cloth Pillows

Our Kuba pillow covers are 100% handmade using only the top 25% hand selected and sourced raw materials from the DRC. Each pillow case requires fibers from the Raphia Vinifera to be soaked, beaten and stitched together by hand. A process that is time consuming taking up to 7 days on average per cloth.

Geometric precision and color distinction are two common elements seen in most kuba cloth pillows. Due to its uniqueness and highly prized value, Kuba cloths were once used as currency and clothing only worn by distinguished members within a tribe or family.

African Kuba Textile

African Kuba Cloth

Authentic and Hand Woven

Made from Raffia, the Kuba cloth/textile originates from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and is believed to be one of the hardest and time consuming pieces of textile to make. Home to the Kuba/Bakuba people, this tribe is well known in Africa for creating some of the most beautiful and intricate handmade fabrics from Raffia Vinifera or Bamboo palm.

Zebra Skin Ottoman

Made from 100% Burchell Zebra Hide

Elegant and unique hardwood frame construction evoking a colonial and classic English persona. This hardwood framed ottoman features a 70% authentic grade A Zebra skin rug top with a genuine leather siding upholstered to perfection.

Our stylistic methodology and craftsmanship over the years have enabled our zebra hide ottomans to attain praise from clients across the US, and collaboration with some of the most respected interior design firms. Click button to learn more about our ottomans.

zebra skin ottoman

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