Nguni Hide

Nguni hide: The African Nguni cow hide is easily the most sought out cow hide of any breed in the market. With its distinctive pattern and unique color, it is no surprise why interior designers, decorators and fashion houses across the globe use this hide for leather handbags, belts, ottomans and decorative pillows. Nguni hides are typically known for their beautiful earth tone colors with the main colors being brown, black and white. Our cow hides are categorized as AA classification meaning they feature minimal to zero scars/markings. Please note that our hides are only obtained from cattle farmed for beef in South Africa and not for sport.

Nguni hide Cow hide supplier

Nguni cow hides come in many different sizes and carry their own individual earthy tones. The hides look beautiful in a home or office setting; each one is an exceptional piece with exceptional beauty. Nguni cow hides manage to be contemporary at the same time as being classic, and are stylish without being trendy. Of course each Nguni cow hide is unique and individual, with its own color combination and pattern but finding one to better fit your interior is quite an easy process. Nguni cow hides are not color competitive, in such they will look good in a bright and colorful living room as well as in an earthy living space.

A good Nguni hide will last you a lifetime with the proper care of course. The hides are thick, warm and elegant and will feel beautiful under your bare feet. Show off your Nguni cow hide on the floor, with either contemporary or classic furniture. Irregardless of your style or home, most will look beautiful in any setting.

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