Kuba Cloth Pillows

Kuba cloth is a traditional patterned textile made from the raffia tree by the Bakuba people of Congo. They dye the raffia leaves using mud or liquid from the camwood tree and then rub the fabrics by hand, so they’re soft and easier to weave. They proceed to stitch the cloth by pulling raffia fibers through it. It is an extremely time-consuming and a delicate craft. Historically, the fabric was only used by the Congolese people as part of their ceremonial garment and formal wear. However, over time the African Kuba cloth garnered worldwide attention and became internationally popular as people began using the textile for frames, pillows, bed covers and other interior design purposes.

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Kuba Cloth is graphically distinctive, earthy, evocative and expressive. Kuba cloth pillows bring a little bit of African flair and creativity into your home, in a stylish, contemporary and natural way. Our Kuba cloth pillows are individually designed and handmade and hand woven by the Bakuba people. They are 100% authentic and of only the best quality. The Kuba Cloth pillows, whether on your bed or your sofas, will last for a very long time. They add a special African touch to any living space and are very often used as statement pieces.

To this day, the kuba cloth is still used by the local people in the Congo, Africa. Each piece of cloth is unique and crafted with the utmost care, passion, love and creativity. Two pillows on a bed, or at the edge of a sofa, look gorgeous and provide that unique African expressionism. They’re cozy, comfortable and they’re a work of art too.

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