Juju Hat: A Historical Overview

Bamileke dancer wearing a Juju Hat

From creative mood boarding to actual interior decorating, juju hats undoubtedly inspire, enhance, and add interest to every home. But there’s more to these festive, feathery hats that has become an irresistible interior piece. Actually, its history is just as – if not more – interesting as its aesthetic quality. To better understand its importance,

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The Unique and Hand Crafted Zebra Skin Ottoman

Elegantly styled with a uniquely crafted hardwood frame, The Zebra Skin Ottoman gives a classical, colonial English, feel to your room. This hardwood Zebra Skin Rug Ottoman features an authentic Grade-A Zebra skin topside, possessing genuine leather sidelining, upholstered to perfection. Holding the leather lining are dual tacked, antiqued, brass nail heads. The quality and

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