African Masks & Carvings

African Mask: One can easily argue this to be the most iconic form of art in Africa. African Masks are more than just art.  They embody the true nature of tribal expressionism, religion, rituals and ceremonies. With hundreds of tribes and cultures across the African continent, Masks do a great job in detailing the history behind each tribe and its cultural significance through time. Depending on geographical location, African masks are traditionally made from hard wood, bronze, copper, textiles and sometimes pottery.

African Mask Quality

Paulski Art acquires and sells African Masks originating from West and Central Africa. All our masks are made out of wood with additional décor items such as shells, nails, raffia and cloth. We strive to provide our clients with what we call Museum quality masks which date anywhere from 5 to 15 years old.

African Masks, African Mask and African Tribal Masks


African Masks are ceremonial showpieces, used by African tribes to express their culture, emotions and passion.   A good African Mask is a collector’s item. It will not only add value to your wall or your cabinet but will add value to your life. And of course to your decor.  African Masks are dramatic and powerful and each one telling its own vibrant and colorful story.


Tribal art such as African masks, go quite beautifully with elegant and contemporary furnishings.  Look at any stylish decor magazine and you will see clear furniture lines combined with both modern art and African ceremonial art.  Look at the age of the mask, the expression on the mask, and of course the colors, when you buy.  Most African Masks are earthy in color and design, natural, perfectly made and when you buy them here, they are100% authentic.