Brooke Mgonja | Co-founder

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Hailing from Utah county and a University of Arizona graduate, Brooke is a true business woman and an avid supporter of tribal artisans throughout Africa. Her efforts to only collaborate directly with artisans and designers from the Democratic Republic of Congo, has helped shape our business structure and ultimate goal of always giving back to the community.

Outside of, Brooke is a Doctor of nursing practice and has traveled across the globe particularly Africa providing relief and medical care through programs such as Doctors without borders.

Joshua Mgonja | Co-founder

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After graduating from the University of Idaho with his Masters degree in Architecture, Joshua originally from Tanzania went on to pursue his passion in the field of Architecture, design and web development. Currently he is the Creative director for a leading exhibition/trade show firm in Utah with operations and clients across the globe.

Combine all this with his passion for business and marketing, became one of his pride and joy, giving interior designers and avid creatives access to high-end textiles and unique traditional designs for the modern day age home.