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Founded in the beautiful Utah landscape, Paulski Art is home to a family of designers and a respected supplier of authentic and quality made Kuba cloth. With intricate geometric precision and color distinction each Kuba textile is made to last.

Kuba cloth
Authentic & Handmade

We take great pride in making sure each Kuba cloth we source is authentic and handmade by our artisans across the Democratic Republic of Congo. Exceptional design and quality craftsmanship are key elements in every kuba cloth we supply.

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As a way to express our gratitude to all our clients across the US, complimentary free shipping is applied to all orders automatically upon checkout. Please note International orders are not free at the moment and include a small shipping fee.

Unique & Handcrafted African Kuba Cloth

Woven from the fib of the Raphia Vinifera palm, the Kuba cloth/textile originates from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and is believed to be one of the hardest and time consuming pieces of textile to manufacture. Home to the Kuba/Bakuba people, this tribe is well known in Africa for creating some of the most beautiful and intricate handmade pieces of textile.

The Kuba textile is all handmade and involves the participation of family members within a tribe. The multiple stage process requires fibers from the Raphia Vinifera to be soaked, beaten and stitched together by hand, a process that is time consuming and usually involves men, women and children within the tribe.

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